Magic Mirror

We have the amazing interactive Selfie Mirrors for your event, Your guests grab some of out fun props, walk up to the red carpet, strike a pose and have their photo captured by the Mirror.

The Mirror will play some fun animations guiding your guests, The Mirror will take single or multi photos depending on option selected and we will print out a copy for everybody in the picture.

If you have booked one of our optional guest books we will also print off a copy for your guests to stick in and leave a sentiment/message for you to enjoy.

At the end of the event we will also give you a FREE USB with all the images captured by the Mirror.

We Provide FREE Video graphics as a start screen with your event details or your special requested message which your guests will see when standing in front of the Mirror. (Others don’t give you this Amazing personalisation)

We also provide FREE photo overlays with your chosen details or message, you can chose the background, colour, font style etc

( See gallery and templates section for samples)

Magic Selfie Mirror

Why Book a Mirror

Selfie Mirror is the latest and greatest Magical addition to the Photobooth market, Gone are the days of cramming into an enclosed booth the Magic Selfie Mirror it’s totally open and everybody can join in the fun.

These Mirrors have totally revolutionised the photobooth event Market. Make sure you book one for your special event your guests will love it!

Why not book one of our ultimate Hydrangea flower walls with a selfie mirror for the ultimate selfie experience. Bundle deal available.

Sleek Selfie Mirror SE

Guestbook option

You will enjoy looking through the guestbook for years to come at all the fun your guests had.

Photos are printed using a high quality professional Dye Sublimation printer and will last for 10 years or more.

Props Table


We provide a large selection of Quality fun props for your guests to use such as, Inflatables, Hats, Glasses, Wigs, Weapons, hold up, Ties etc.

Let’s have fun together.

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